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Гдз английский язык Голубев,Балюк,Смирнова 6-е издание Среднее мар краткий ориентировочный тест ответы решебник по английскому за. и п агабекян издание 7 ое феникс средних профессиональных заведений гдз...


Английский язык а.п.голубев среднее профессиональное образование решебник гдз по алгибре за 7класс мордовича Вопрос без вопросительного слова: It is frieпdship that makes us stroпger! Здесь тоже действует прямой порядок слов и закон согласования времен. Well, it is going to be a magnificent party, Mum Mother:


Их дом находится в Оксфорде. We can go swimming, diving or mountaineering. Когда я бьш подростком, Викгор был готов ответить на любые мои вопросы о жизни. Становление и развитие института мировых судей в. And will you ask Lena to come? Make an excursion around the college in English for your groupmates.

Среднее профессиональное образование: итоги года


#51 курс английского языка Сочи Березники Новотроицк Ступино Выкса учить English

Для разьяснения:

J] adj ясный, понятный; [ri: Tell the time in English. Answer the following questions. When do you usually get up? When do the 1essons at college start? When do you have lunch? When do you соте home after classes?

When do you start doing your homework? When do you go to bed? What time is it now? When will the lesson over? Today, ready, club, up, besides, decide, brush, tooth, ask, class, dinner, yesterday, breakfast, remember, pencil-case, say, word, latter, offend, alone, spoil, quarter, wash, pack, suitcase, answer, philosophy, difficult, textbook, task, clear, maths, material, explain, hobby, rewrite, insert, except, who, still, discuss, event, supper, satisfied, future.

Insert prepositions or post-verbal adverbs. Не decided to take his father. There are ten students the ciLJb him. Do you like to get up early in the morning? Do you have time to take breakfast before lessons? Do you have much free time?

Does planning your day help to solve all the proЬlems? What makes every day of your life interesting? Free time spent together with the farnily- your experience. Вот друrие разряды местоимений, которые также часто встречаются в английском языке. Как они соотносятся с русскими указательными местоимениями? О чем говорит название этой группы местоимений? Перечислите неопределенные и отрицательные местоимения. В каких типах предложений употребляются местоимения апу, anybody, anything, nobody, nothing?

You realize it fully wheп you think how you сап live without уош f"ricпds. Russiaпs ofteп say t11at close frieпds are поt пumerous. You have опlу from опе to three true frieпds whom you сап coпfide iп апd share all your trouЬles. All the others are just those with whom you сап speпd free time or discuss receпt пews апd popular films.

Whereas Eпglishmeп think that апуопе with whom you are оп good terms is you frieпd. Americaп view оп frieпdship is еvеп more exaggerated. But, as you know, "So mапу couпtries, so mапу customs". Еvеп frieпdship is differeпt iп differeпt couпtries As for me, all my frieпds апd acquaiпtaпces сап Ье subdivided iпto three differeпt groups.

Firstly, there are those whom 1 know for а very long time, sometimes еvеп before school. Those frieпds are поt mапу, but my best frieпd among them.

Secoпdly, there are my school frieпds. We were together for so mапу years that we have very much iп commoп. This fact uпites us. And lastly, there are my college frieпds.

We know each other for а short time, but still we are frieпds, because our iцterests are similar. For each persoп the classificatioп may Ье differeпt. As my father served iп the army, he had тапу frieпds there. They are from all parts of our couпtry!

It is frieпdship that makes us stroпger! His паmе is Sergey. We know each other siпce early childhood. Wheп we were boys, we weпt to the couпtry together, played teппis, swam iп the river апd had fuп. Wheп 1 was а teeпager, 1 had mапу proЬlems апd questioпs without aпswers, апd 1 always turned to Sergey for help.

But we are still very good friends, that will пever betray each other. Realize, unimaginaЬle, indeed, borderline, between, numerous, only, true, confide inshare, trouЬle, discuss, recent news, whereas, anyone, terms, exaggerate, custom, subdivide, among, serve in the army, betray, support. Insert the vocabulary of the text into the following sentences.

Не is а reliaЬle friend. I see you are in trouЬle. Paraphrase the words in italic using active vocabulary. Make other changes in the sentence if necessary.

There are тапу mistakes in your dictation. Не is really а good friend? Jack understood that he was late for the lesson. The last information about him was that he had gone to ltaly. Не gave те his money as I was in а difficult situation. Тranslate Я хочу рассказать вам о своем друге. В детстве мы часто гуляли вместе, to the cinema ходили в кино и занимались плаванием. Когда я бьш подростком, Викгор был готов ответить на любые мои вопросы о жизни.

Теперь мы учимся в колледЖе и по-прежнему являемся лучшими друзьями. Дружба значит очень много в моей жизни. Answer the following questions ладыженская русский язык 8 класс решебник the text. Does the author think that friendship means very much in your life? What is the borderline between friends and acquaintances in Гдз по билологии culture?

Where is this borderline in English culture? How many groups of friends does the author divide? Why does the author have much in соттоn with the second group offriends?

What does the author say about his college friends? Why does the author mention his father? How long has the author known his best friend? Do they see each other very often now?

Use these to retell the text. Переход от прямой речи к косвенной происходит следующим образом: Вопрос без вопросительного слова: Не asked, "Do you go there? Не Здесь действует прямой порядок слов подлежащее стоит перед сказуемыма также закон согласования времен.

Вопрос с вопросительным словом: Здесь тоже действует прямой порядок слов и закон согласования времен. Не asked when they weпt there. Не told them not to go there. Какие временные формы употребляются при согласовании времен для 2. В каких случаях не применяется форма 3. Как косвенная речь влияет на порядок слов в пред. Как изменяются в косвенной речи наречия места и времени, а также 6. В каких случаях не происходит их замены? But besides national holidays there are family holidays.

На самом деле, хорошо было бы пригласить Мишу. The program began to work better. Make up dialogue on one of the following subjects.

If someone in your family has а birthday, а name day, or а wedding anniversary, tbls is just the time when he receives quests and has а party to celebrate this holiday together. Your friends may invite you on one of such occasions as well. Going to а party in Russia is associated with food, presents, greeting cards and congratulations. It includes polishing the floors, vacuum cleaning the carpets and dusting the fumiture. For some occasions you need to decorate the flat. Then you must think about inviting guests.

This can Ье done over the telephone or Ьу invitation letter. There are other ways as well. The invitation may Ье accepted or refused. If it is you who are invited, and you want to refuse an invitation, you should do it very politely and tactfully.

Weather, snow, after, period, roof, central heating, any, snowy, ground, icicle, condition, place, where, car, warm, remove, ice, near, England, cold, really, water, change, look, window, surprise, cover, flakes, sky, pleasant, frosty, snowman, wind, real, Ьlizzard, always, melt, month, over, tree, Ьlossom, Ьird, nest, then, sunshine, holiday, schoolchild, photo, remind, exciting, harvest, countryman, new, foggy, usual, ocean, temperature, slow, thermal heat capacity, child, like, simply, notice, walk, without, umbrella, catch, radiator, unusual, idea, beach, mostly, south, coast, Englishman, far, completely, so. Did the teacher add you to а list of people who go on an excursion 4.

I have already watched this film. I saw it last month. We have never seen he man. They have just come back home. They came 5 minutes ago. I left it on the table. She is speaking to her teacher now. I usually have orange juice for breakfast.

He is taking a shower now. We jog every day. He is jogging out now. Mother is in the kitchen. She is cooking breakfast. He read an interesting book last month.

Sam read an interesting book in the morning. We were discussing this film when you arrived. She knocked and came in. They watched TV and went for a walk. My friend introduced me to his mother. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в прошедшем простом или совершенном времени We have just begun our lesson.

He has already introduced us. I left my copybook at home yesterday. She got a bad mark last week. Mike read this exercise before the lesson. Sam and I met a week ago. Mary is standing at the blackboard now.

At that time yesterday he was writing a letter to his mother.

Этот студент умен, как его учитель. Учебник для студентов учреждений среднего профессионального образования, с помощью нашего сайта. Может быть рекомендован для учащихся педучилищ, курсов иностранных языков, абитуриентов и первокурсников неязыковых вузов

He asks me if we had the test the day before. They were playing football when their mother came home. She goes to college 5 days a week. Он студент английского колледжа изучает математику.

Он сейчас на 2 курсе. Тони живет в английской семье. Их дом находится в Оксфорде. По утрам Тони идет на пробежку, затем завтракает. На завтрак он пьет стакан апельсинового сока и ест яичницу с ветчиной.

Затем он идет в колледж. Потом он занимается в библиотеке вместе со своими друзьями. После ужина он готовит уроки на следующий день или идет гулять, если погода хорошая.

Do you like to get up early in the morning? Тranslate the following words and phrases from English into Russian.

He is a student at an English college and studies mathematics. He is in his second year. Tony lives in an English family. Their surname is Tomson.

There are five of them: Their house is in Oxford. In the morning Tony jogs, then he has breakfast. For breakfast he drinks a glass of orange juice and eats bacon and eggs. Then he goes to college. As a rule, he has 3 or 4 lectures or seminars. Then he studies in the library with his friends. He comes home at five and has dinner with the Tomsons.

In the evenings he goes to a sport hall and plays volley-ball or basket-ball. After supper he prepares his homework for the next day or goes for a walk, if the weather is fine. Usually he goes to bed at eleven pm. Did you sleep well? And where is Dad? He went out half an hour ago together with Alexei. Well, Vlad, it is your birthday soon.

Are you going to have a birthday party this year? You know, mum, now when I am at college I have got many new friends. It would be nice if I could invite them to my place. I want to ask my best friends. They are Ilya, Stepan and Igor. Do I know any of them? I suppose you have seen Ilya. Maybe you remember that broad- shouldered fellow with fair hair and dark eyes.

We came across him in the street the other day. Ah, now I know whom you are talking about. He is fond of music and plays the guitar very well, as you told me. Okay, what about the rest? Stepan is a funny slim little guy with brown hair and a snub nose. He is fond of reading fantasy and T took several books from him to read. He is an easy-going fellow. I like to talk to him. He came to our place in October.

But you were not in at that time. Dad saw him, I believe. And Igor is my new friend. He is very clever. He is a computer genius.

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